Review: Geo Lenses ( Color: Black, Violet )

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Who wants to be more look beautiful? hmm, I know most of the girls out there are raising their hands already. Yes, of course, every girls wants to be more look chic as much as they can, however, quite sometimes they fail to do that because they suddenly forgot to put on some accessories on to their outfits as long to their self like this lenses I’m wearing from the online store called that did spiced it up all things.

How do I look wearing my Geo lens from I hope you’ll find it great to have one too. Anyway, as you also planning to have your own lenses, just head up to the given link on top,, for you to choose what you’d think the perfect lenses for and you may also ask the site support regarding on the RX thing. Awesome, right? and not just that. Because they’re now offering some lenses for guys too..:)

And as Ive heard the online store,, is now the one leading when it comes to contact lenses today. That’s why I assure you all the circles from the stores is well designed and has been through onto quality control.

My Ratings:

Package: 4/5
Design: 5/5
Comfort: 5/5

I will review the other lens in some other time, so – please, keep on checking the blog for more review posts. Thanks!