The New Christian Louboutin Kicks For Men This Spring Summer 2012


In all shoes and kicks brands, Christian Louboutin is the one that I look  up to. Because this brand is celebrity pick and it has also these selection of dope pieces that we could choose from with that can make us dope and hip in today’s fashion. That’s why maybe a lot of people are also looking up to this brand.

Actually, I was fanned every since I’ve seen this brand because their shoes are way different that to than usual shoes that we could see on the market today. Look on this new kicks of the brand for their spring summer collection – for men’s kicks. This way awesome,right? and what made this piece a dope was these studs at the front of the kicks that most guy will surely like. Me. personally, I wanted my self to have this, however, at this moment I cant really afford it because the brand is quite then expensive than to those other same brand line. But, soon maybe I will have my first shoes of the brand – I’ll keep you updated..