The Perfect Group Tattoo


“I roll using a tight crew, and one day we chose to get matching tattoos. Sure, you’ve seen it within the movies, sailors at port getting anchors or “mom” tattooed on the upper arms. Seems a bit cliché, but when you have a crew like mine – and I’m not discussing naval crew, we’re just good pals who like to drink beer watching sports together – you want to commemorate your friendship. We brainstormed by what symbol would best represent us, and that we each visited countless parlors seeking inspiration.

Finally 1 day we decipher it, and since I’m a tattoo artist by trade, I gather all of my tattoo supplies and brought them all to my house. Got the beer flowing, and also the music pumping. I even broke out a whole new pair of brand new tattoo needles, I knew it was going to be an extended night as there are ten of us in this here crew.

What did we decide? Well, we’re all from La and so we wanted something which spoke of LA, but not the Hollywood facet of it. We’re all east side folk. We all love baseball. So I developed a really cool design while using emblem of los angeles along with a baseball. You may think it’s lame but that’s probably why you’re not in our crew. With out, we are not admitting sign ups so you can overlook that avenue. However, if you prefer a tattoo, I’d be happy to hook one up. Where did I recieve all my supplies? Here, obviously: I got the supplies for the night of broing down and tattooing, however i also refer my friends there who are in the business, and other people who’s thinking of getting in. And I encourage everyone too. Mostly because it’s fun and I know they’ll be years behind me and won’t creep in my territory. Anyway, all of us love our matching tattoos, with the exception of the baseball offseason in the event it reminds us how there’s nothing good in the media.”